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TOPCEL battery Introduction
As the development of modern science and technology, all kinds of household electrical appliances and communications equipment become widespread. And battery has become a commonly used essential commodity in people’ s daily life.Since the voltage of rechargeable battery are 1.2 V, and the nominal voltage of a vast number of electrical products are multiplier by 1.5 V voltage design (such as portable audio-visual equipment , general  are 3 - 6 V, using 1 . 2 V nickel-cadmium,
nickel-metal hydride will cause speed reduced, no sounds, but rechargeable alkaline batteries will not be the ills) , so as far normal equipments are all using 1. 5 V voltage battery. Although the battery is now for the majority of the mercury-free alkaline batteries, with the dramatic increase in use of the large number of discarded batteries and still have a great pressure to environmental protection.

In order to make alteration of such situation, the Company carefully develops the latest products "TOPCEL ® 1. 5V alkaline rechargeable batteries”, which are made by the high-tech synthetic, maintaining with a excellent performance of alkaline batteries, as well as keeping the performance of the free charge-discharge characteristics, and the product successfully makes that the rechargeable batteries can be used in 1. 5 V voltage electrical multiples. In accordance with the current use condition of alkaline batteries, if the rechargeable battery can be replaced, the amount of abandoned battery will be greatly reduced, which will greatly reduce the environmental pollution cause by the used batteries. Therefore, promoting the use of rechargeable batteries is a good deed that benefits the contemporary people as well as the future generation.

The rechargeable battery nominal voltage is 1.5 V, electricity capacity on the 5th battery (AA) of 2000 mAh; on the 7th (AAA) of 1000 mAh, are higher than the normal rechargeable batteries, the same or slightly higher than the quality alkaline batteries; cycle charge-discharge (to be dedicated charger) with the use of life such as filling up to 20 times more; no memory effect; natural attenuation only at electricity capacity NiMH and NiCd battery 1 / 100, holds 4 to 5 years; weight and prices are similar as alkaline batteries, but it can be derived, with units to measure the actual discharge of the case, the unit price is only one-tenth of several alkaline batteries; and buy to use, not as generally rechargeable battery charge can be used only after the first Rechargeable .

The characteristics of this rechargeable batteries, not only of alkaline batteries with a large capacity, high-voltage, but also as nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride as the use of repeated charge and discharge, not contain harmful substances such as mercury, cadmium and other toxic. The price is much cheaper than the original rechargeable battery, it is particularly applicable to electrical equipment of pagers, solar LED lamps, electronic toys, portable audio-visual equipment, PDA devices, cameras, flash, small radios, small medical equipment, small walkie-talkie where batteries used in larger, also needs multiple use of 1.5 V voltage. It may be with "high-quality use, low price". You can enjoy convenience of rechargeable batteries, with the price of the alkaline batteries.
In order to protect the planet where we are living, please use the " TOPCEL ® 1.5V alkaline rechargeable batteries".

In order to protect the planet where we are living, please use the" TOPCEL ® 1.5V alkaline rechargeable batteries".
Comparison table of battery performance
alkaline batteries
alkaline batteries
Voltage (V) 1.5V 1.5V
Retention (indoor) 4 to 5 years 4 to 5 years
Whether can be used
directly at the time
of purchase
yes yes
Pollution of environment without pollution low pollution
(compare to ordinary carbon batteries)
Charge number above 20 prohibition
Memory effect Without ×
Capacity(AAA) 1000mAh 700mAh
Capacity(AA) 2000mAh 1800mAh
Cost-performance high performance / low prices low performance / low prices
  TOPCEL battery application points
  TOPCEL battery specifications


  On the 1st alkaline rechargeable batteries
  On the 2nd alkaline rechargeable batteries
  On the 5th alkaline rechargeable batteries as 2000 mAh
  On the 7th alkaline rechargeable batteries as 1000 mAh
  Two-charger with four on the 5th alkaline rechargeable batteries
  Two-charger with two on the 5th alkaline rechargeable batteries
  Two-charger with two on the 7th alkaline rechargeable batteries
  Industrial packaging on the 5th alkaline rechargeable batteries



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