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Trading Security

B2C transaction guarantee system is the reformed system for the front-line payment system, the system of payment service providers will play an intermediary role of a third party to protect consumers’interest to purchase online, and achieved the agreed exchange of goods and services, but also to protect shopping sites to receive the money after delivered the goods. The operation flow is as follows:
1. Consumers to purchase online.
2. Consumers to make a payment to payment service provider.
3. Within a certain shopping protection period, the payment system service providers will withhold payment to the shopping site.
4. After Payment system service provider confirmed that consumers have made payment, will notify the shopping sites to make delivery of the goods.
5. Shopping site will ship the goods to consumers.
6. After consumer confirming the goods is correct and shopping protection period expired, the Site will request payment from the payment system service provider.
7. During the shopping protection period, consumers can ask payment system service provider to cancel the payment unconditionally, payment system service provider should make sure that the shopping site has received returned goods and deducted the necessary fees, then return the remaining funds to consumers.
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